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Dare to Dream Program

Dare to Dream Program

Emery Place staff works closely with residents’ and families to fulfill meaningful dreams for each resident.  The dreams can be as small as country drives to visit a childhood farm or to taking piano lessons for the first time.  Or as big as taking a hot air balloon ride, flying above the clouds in an airplane, or driving that tractor or crane one more time.  Our community works together with families and our residents to learn what their dream is and we work together to accomplish this.  It’s our dream to make those dreams a reality and watch the pleasure that it brings to our residents, their families and loved ones.


Dave and Jane Celebrate 62nd Wedding Anniversary!

Dave and Jane have been married 62 years and were worried if they were able to spend their anniversary together this year.

Jane shared that she and Dave were married on a cool July evening. Jane and Dave noted that they didn’t remember it being this hot on their wedding day, but that they were very happy to be able to spend the day together this year!

Jane joked that she wanted a diamond ring for her anniversary, so Dave was able to surprise her with a ring and a nice bouquet, and Jane was able to give Dave some cookies, a Navy hat and shirt. They were both so happy that despite what’s going on with the pandemic that were able spend time together and celebrate 62 wonderful years!


Alfie and Linda Enjoy a Fun Trip to Center Point!

All who have had the pleasure of meeting Alfie, knows he loves Center Point. Life Enrichment Coordinator, Laura, thought it would be a wonderful idea to take a trip down memory lane to visit his old stomping ground.

Alfie and Linda were able to cruise through Center Point and share lots of memories that they had made in the town. Alfie and Linda showed us the homes they used to live in and where their family lived. It was also nice to drive by the golf course that they used to own!

To finish off the trip, Laura picked up lunch for the them and they enjoyed the famous Jonesy’s tenderloins!!!

Thank You, Ralph! We All Love Captain Crunch!

When thinking of a Dare to Dream for Ralph, we immediately thought about Captain Crunch! Ralph worked at Quaker Oats for 25 years, and still eats Quaker Oats oatmeal every morning for breakfast.

One afternoon, Ralph and Resident Assistant, Day, were talking about what Ralph did while working for Quaker Oats and he shared that he helped create Captain Crunch cereal, and remembered the recipe for how to make the cereal! Day surprised Ralph with some original Captain Crunch cereal and a certificate to commemorate his accomplishments while working at Quaker Oats!

Ralph was all smiles that afternoon and the other residents were able to listen to Ralph as he talked about the process of making Captain Crunch, while enjoying their own bowl! Yum!


Fun 60th Wedding Anniversary Celebrations Despite Quarantine!

Bob and Laurine celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary despite the COVID-19 pandemic going on outside the community. Their family wanted to make this time special but were limited by the recent quarantine and safety precautions… although, that didn’t stop their efforts!

Daughter, Laurie, ordered a favorite meal for them to be delivered from Outback Steak House. But that wasn’t all… That evening, family came out in full force and showered them with well wishes and beautiful handmade signs of celebration. The family had fun with their creative communication during this milestone anniversary; enjoying talking to them on the telephone and seeing their smiles. We would say that the family did a wonderful job in a difficult situation to make this a memorable anniversary!


Birthday Celebration with Elvis!

Yvonne loves music and can often be found singing and listening to music. Yvonne shared that she was an Elvis fan, so we thought it would be the perfect birthday gift for Yvonne to have a surprise visit from Elvis!

Yvonne was serenaded by Elvis and sang along to all of his songs! Elvis sang “Happy Birthday” to Yvonne and throughout the whole performance she had a smile on her face! Yvonne was able to take a picture with Elvis, and enjoy some good desserts for her big day! Yvonne is still enjoying the balloons from Life Enrichment Coordinator, Laura.


Rosemary’s Famous Yummy Pies!

Rosemary loves to bake, and always participates in any activity that involves baking! Rosemary told Laura, Life Enrichment Coordinator, that she used to bake the best apple pies around, and that she would sell them at a variety of activities and fundraisers, as well as make them for her family to enjoy.

Laura arranged for the family to bring in the special recipe so they could make it. Rosemary even said that her husband joked with her because she would sell the pies for less than it cost to make them! Rosemary was able to follow her famous pie recipe, and make dessert for all of the Garden’s residents! Everyone complimented her wonderful pies, and shared that they tasted delicious! Rosemary was filled with smiles and laughter while making, serving and eating the pies!


Holiday Lights Tour in the Sky!

Leroy and his wife, Theresa, have called Emery Place their home for a year and a half. Administrative Assistant, Misty Cottrell, had seen on FaceBook that the Marion Airport was hosting Holiday Light Tours from the sky and instantly thought they might enjoy this. Although, Misty thought that Sarah should be the one to ride along in the plane!

Theresa politely declined but knew that Leroy would enjoy it, so she asked their nephew, Jeff, to join them. The lights were pretty from the sky and the entire city of Cedar Rapids looked like a big Christmas light display!



Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Pat joined the Emery Place community in May of 2016. Community Relations Coordinator, Sarah Zimmerman, has tried for years to talk Pat into doing a “Dare to

Dream.” Every time she said, “I’m happy here and I don’t need anything else.

Pat is a lot of fun to be around and enjoys many of the activities that we have at Emery Place. One of the events, the Iowa Wine Tour, was also enjoyed with her daughter, Jackie. Every Thursday we would enjoy an Iowa wine and information about that winery.

So with that in mind, Sarah found ”Like Mother” – “Like Daughter” wine glasses and a box of 12 small wine bottles that were to be enjoyed like the “12 Days of Christmas!” Sarah thought it was so cute, that she knew Pat and Jackie could enjoy some quality mother/daughter time each day before Christmas tasting a bit of wine each night!



Music Sings in Her Soul!

Jeanette joined the Emery Place family a little over a year ago and has been so much fun to be around! Jeanette can often be found playing the Emery Place piano in the front

family room for everyone to enjoy her beautiful musical talent both playing and singing.

Jeanette enjoys all entertainment that comes to Emery Place and more than likely knows all the words to every song preformed! She often sings along with each group of musicians!

When Community Relations Coordinator was presented with several tickets to “Not Another Christmas Musical” at the Old Creamery Theatre, she knew exactly who she wanted to give them to for a “Dare to Dream.”

Jeanette enjoyed going to the musical with several of her family members… and we’re sure she sang along with all the Christmas songs that she knew and could have joined them on stage!



Sharing a Lifetime of Devotion!

Ila Mae loves the Lord and enjoys sharing that love with others. Ila wanted to get a devotional group going at Emery Place using her very own hand written devotionals.

Life Enrichment Coordinator, Laura, turned the devotionals into a book with a special cover and arranged for Ila to lead a weekly devotional at Emery Place.

In addition to the weekly devotional meetings, Ila blessed all 200 visitors at the annual “Friendsgiving” with a beautiful blessing before the meal at Emery Place in November.



A Wedding Trip to Remember!

Carol has been a part of the Emery Place family for two years. She greets everyone with a smile and is a ray of sunshine in the community.

Carol mentioned to Misty, Administrative Assistant, that she might miss her granddaughter’s wedding in Kansas City due to lack of transportation to get there.

Misty and Sarah, Community Relations Coordinator, told Carol that she would make it to the wedding and even with a new outfit!!! Misty and Sarah arranged to meet Carol’s son and grandson in Des Moines to attend the wedding and then a few days later to come home.

Carol had an eventful ride from Des Moines to Kansas City, as they were in a small accident. Everyone was ok and the wedding went off without a hitch. Carol had a great time seeing family and friends in Kansas City and was thankful that her friends at Emery Place took her shopping for an outfit and provided the transportation to meet her family.


Family Night at the Ballpark!

When the Cedar Rapids Kernels called Community Relations Coordinator, Sarah Zimmerman, about “Robins Night at the Ballpark,” Sarah knew just what resident would enjoy it the most. So Sarah and Administrative Assistant, Misty Cottrell, invited Don and 15 family and friends to join him for a night of baseball and fun!

To start off the night, Don was asked to throw out the first pitch at the game. Back in the day, Don was an amazing baseball player and he was excited to participate. Don and his sons, Pat and Steve, walked out on the field and Don threw a perfect pitch!

Although, the game was eventually rained out, Don and his family enjoyed time together and a few innings of baseball. The great thing is that the tickets are good for another night at the ballpark for this family!

All of us at Emery Place were happy to help make this dream come true and Don still has a pretty good arm!


The Love For Horses Never Ends!

Rosa enjoys a memory that she had maintained 14 horses and stables for the owner of the NY Yankees, George Steinbrenner.

Cindy, Life Enrichment Coordinator, could not imagine a Dare to Dream for Rosa without including horses. Cindy called the owner of Hilltop Stables in local, Robins and made plans for Rosa to visit.

Cindy and family friend, BJ, took Rosa to meet with, the owner of Hilltop Stables. Cindy, the owner of Hilltop, took us all around the grounds to meet several horses that she both owned and boarded. At one point, Cindy brought out a bucket full of brushes, Rosa chose one and started brushing and talking to the horse like she never left the job. We were all filled with emotion including Rosa. Rosa picked up the brush and began grooming the mare. Rosa playfully told the horse, “no kisses on the first date!” Rosa could not stop thanking all involved and continues to talk about her day at the stables with all of her friends!


Years of Beautiful Creativity!

Jinty, is one of the busiest residents and her creativity is beyond anything most of us have ever seen.

When Jinty, moved into Emery Place, she brought years of her most precious and most ambitious works. Everything from framed cross stitch art to hand stitched dolls and teddy

bears. On occasion, Jinty invites residents to look at all her ambitious creations, so we thought it would be great if we would showcase her pieces for all to admire.

We carefully grouped like items together and had a display that covered four tables. We set out a continental breakfast and enjoyed watching Jinty, in her handmade dress, share all her beautiful work and she was overwhelmed by their admiration. Here, at Emery Place, we are anxious for Jinty to continue to share her love of creating for a long time!


The Heart of an Artist!

Pauline’s apartment is surrounded by examples of beautiful art work. You can’t go into her room without admiring all the different styles, one more unique than the next. What is even more amazing is that Pauline did it all herself.

When thinking about a Dare to Dream for Pauline, we knew art had to be central to

her special activity. Barb’s Fine Art in Marion is a wonderful place full of all kinds of art. Life Enrichment Coordinator, Cindy, contacted Barb and asked if we could treat Pauline to an afternoon of fine art instruction.

Pauline was overwhelmed with the studio and was even more thrilled to begin painting. Pauline was tickled by the afternoon and we all hope that she keeps painting. Barb extended a warm welcome for her return at any time.

Beautiful Praise and Worship!

Dick spent most of his life as the Pastor of an area church. God and family continue to be the guide posts in Dick’s life. Knowing this, we knew that any Dare to Dream for Dick

would have to be centered around these points of dedication.

When Life Enrichment Coordinator, Cindy, spoke to him about the possibility of doing some preaching for our community, Dick said he would be happy to.

During conversation he discussed how he and his wife, Sarah, would praise together in song. Dick’s daughter, Joy, was more than happy to accompany her dad for an hour of Praise and Worship for the residents at Emery Place. After each song, Dick gave us a glimpse of what he was like as a Pastor. It was heartwarming to watch him pour out his love and talent.


Once a Mechanic, Always a Mechanic!

Max recently made Emery Place his home and enjoys sharing his life stories with Life Enrichment Coordinator, Cindy. During these conversations with him, they all seem to go back to the very beginning, when as he puts it, “I’ve been wrenching since I was 7 or 8 years old.”

Max trained as a mechanical specialist during WWII and was stationed in Germany. His passion was working on motor bikes. Max did that for fun during the war to pass time.

Cindy knew it would be a great experience for Max, to spend some time with the guys at Performance Concepts in Marion. They work on anything with an engine including race cars, motorcycles, boats and every make/model of car, both old and new.

Max was given a complete tour of the facility and even asked if he could “do some wrenching.” We topped off the morning with lunch at Burger King. A special “shout out” to the crew at Performance Concepts for the awesome tour, hat and t-shirts.

He’s Got the Music in Him!

This past week was another celebration of days gone by for our resident Larry. American Band Stand came alive on the Paramount stage last week with three original members of the Diamonds performing many of their classics. The Diamonds appeared 32 times on American Band Stand.

With the tickets being supplied by City Revealed Magazine, Resident Assistant

Supervisor, Marvey, was able to make Larry’s Dare to Dream come true.

Marvey said that he fully enjoyed the event and sang along to many of the songs and he expressed his gratitude to her during the show. (If you ever have had the pleasure to hear Larry sing, you know it is a delight… Larry is a very gifted singer and we often can hear him singing along with the Emery Place entertainment when they visit.)


Happy 90th Birthday!

Ardele celebrated a very special birthday in August, as she turned 90 years old! Ardele is a beautiful lady inside and out. Her attention to detail has been a great source of enjoyment for her and all those around her. Her artistic abilities were always present when giving a party.

When it came time to plan her big day, family wanted to show Ardele how much she meant to friends and family. Everyone involved in the planning, wanted to pay attention to each detail and make it a very special memory for her.

For her party, Emery Place helped make centerpieces reminiscent of her style and taste. Using the colors from the party napkins, we ordered a cake to match! The party was well attended with over 50 invited and nearly all attended throughout this very special afternoon.

Rain, Sunshine and Tomatoes!

Summer is such a wonderful time of year. There are many things to do and many to look forward to. For Bud, that meant planting tomatoes. He put in a request for tomato plants this year and he wanted to help with all aspects of the procedure.

We had a local Robins neighbor donate 12 tomato plants this summer and we decided to have Bud plant six of them in pots right outside his apartment window so he could watch them grow all summer long.

Bud helped plant, water and now… the harvest is a daily event! He looks so forward to the opportunity each and every day to share the day’s produce with his fellow residents!


Elvis was in the House!

The Old Creamery Theater in Amana has a large variety of performances annually. This summer, Bobby Simkins was performing his rendition of Conway Twitty and Elvis Presley.

Emery Place resident, Bonnie, has been a longtime fan of Elvis… Emery Place purchased Bonnie an Elvis t-shirt and Life Enrichment Coordinator, Cindy, invited Bonnie to the show. (A special thanks to Bonnie’s family for helping us plan this special night out!)

Following a nice dinner out with her husband, Max, for burgers and fries, Cindy, took them to enjoy a fun packed evening. Both impressionists were fantastic. Bonnie giggled all night, especially when Elvis came over to meet her, he held her hand and got up close

for a picture!!! Bonnie had an amazing time meeting her favorite singer!!!


A Night of Polka and Fun!

Richard has had a lifelong love polka music. When the team at Emery Place discovered that one of Richard’s favorite bands was going to be playing at the NewBo Market as part of the Cedar Rapids Freedom Festival, we knew we had to make it happen.

We took our lawn chairs and kicked back. Richard enjoyed two hours of toe tapping polkas and meeting Barefoot Becky and her band.

Richard commented several times what a perfect night it was and encouraged visiting friends to take time to see Barefoot Becky when they are back in the area. It was a dream come true!


Ida Goes Hot Rodding!

Ida was the perfect resident for this Dare to Dream! Ida saw a bright yellow motorcycle pull up at Emery Place and she went outside to take a look. The gentleman that owned the cycle, offered her a ride. At first, Ida thought there was no way that she could get on the cycle… and what would her daughter think about her “hot rodding” around on a bright yellow motorcycle?

Misty, Administrative Assistant, spoke with Ida and told her that she could just sit on it and get her picture taken. After some convincing, Ida, built up the courage to get on the motorcycle.

As Ida was getting on the cycle, her friend and fellow resident, Reverend Ernst, came outside. The two of them decided they better take a few pics together for their families and before we knew it, Ida was asking for a ride around the parking lot.

Ida was all smiles the entire ride!!! Following the ride, she told Reverend Ernst, it was the most excitement she’s had in a long time!!! Ida made sure to tell all of her friends at supper that she went “hot rodding” earlier that day!


A Special Homecoming!

An important part of Alan’s life was his time spent in the Marines Corp. Alan is proud of his service to our country and will often reminisce with staff and other residents.

The Honor Flight organization, invited Alan, to join the returning members of the flight so he could be welcomed as one who had served his country.

Although, the return flight was delayed three hours and Alan was unable greet the returning veterans, he was welcomed by several members of the community and thanked for his service. He was invited to join several Veterans for pictures while waiting for the flight.

The Honor Flight organization gifted Alan, a red polo, a military participation medallion, and a baseball cap. Alan was thankful for the event and is looking forward to participating in the next Honor Flight return ceremony in September.

Dinner and a Show!

Paul and Norma came to reside at Emery Place in January of 2017. This very active and social couple can be seen at about every activity at Emery Place as well as their family visits almost daily! Lately, Norma hasn’t been feeling well and Emery staff was trying to think of a way to brighten her day.

Community Relations Coordinator, Sarah Zimmerman, received tickets to the Theatre Cedar Rapids production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” and a gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse.

Paul and Norma enjoyed a great steak with daughters, Diane and Deb, and Deb’s husband before the performance. (Unfortunately, Diane’s husband was called into work at the last moment and couldn’t make it). The benefit of the day was that this all happened on Mother’s Day!


Ladies Day Out!

Norma moved to Emery Place from Arizona almost a year ago to be near her family. She has always loved crafts, decorating and creating memorable pieces from natural elements.

Life Enrichment Coordinator, Cindy, felt that The Farmer’s Daughter would give her an opportunity to see a huge variety of just that.

Norma was amazed at the array of crafts and was welcomed by Jennifer and her staff. Norma enjoyed a delicious lunch of chicken salad and noodle soup as well as one of their famous cinnamon rolls to go. Norma was treated to a beautiful gift basket.

Norma was extremely grateful and thanked Cindy with an emotional hug. A special thanks to The Farmer’s Daughter Market for having us!!!


Memories of the Farm!

Joe has been farming with International tractors all of his life. He taught his son, Dennis to drive the tractors and help on the family farm. Since moving to Emery Place, Joe hasn’t been able to get out to the farm as often as he would like. So Cindy, Life Enrichment Coordinator, brought the farm to Joe!

Joel Zimmerman brought his bright red International tractor to Emery Place for Joe to enjoy! Joe was greeted by his wife, Marian, as the tractor pulled into the driveway. Joe and Marian both smiled from ear to ear as they reminisced about their days on the farm with their son, Dennis.

Misty, Administrative Assistant, told Joe she almost brought a “green” tractor instead… Joe got a big chuckle out of that but insisted RED is the best!

The tractor in the picture is a 1980 and was built just a few years after Dennis was born and brought back many memories of life on the farm and years of hard work. Joe will have the opportunity to share this memorable day with all of his family and friends with a special keepsake photo collage documenting the day.


Lottie loves a hot air balloon ride!

As Emery Place Community Relations Coordinator, Sarah Zimmerman, was driving home one night after work. She saw the Guaranty Bank and Trust hot air balloon soaring over the Marion/Robins area and thought “how fun would that be!” That’s how this “Dream” came about. Sarah asked an Emery Place family if their mother would enjoy a hot air balloon ride and they said absolutely!

Lottie is a 93-year-old lady, who has resided at Emery Place for a little over a year now. She has enjoyed roller coaster rides and flying all over the world in airplanes… that’s how Sarah knew she would love a hot air balloon ride! On a beautiful Sunday evening in late July, Lottie and her daughter Linda, warmly known as “Rusty,” soared above southeast Cedar Rapids.

Getting the balloon aired up!

Hot air inflating balloon.

Almost full!

While on the ride, Sarah received a phone call from Susan Stamats, the balloon operator. At first, Sarah was concerned that something had happened. Sarah said, “Hello?” and Lottie replied, “This is awesome! The trees are so green and everything is so very beautiful from up here!”

Lottie listens as balloon operator, Susan, talks about upcoming flight.

Sarah commented, “This is why we do the Dare to Dream program! The joy that it brings our residents is heartwarming and truly makes a difference in their lives. Everyone becomes family to us and we enjoy sharing these experiences with each and every resident of Emery Place.”

Up, up and away!

Emery Place would like to send out a special thank you to Guaranty Bank and Trust and to Buzzards Glory Balloon Company for helping make this dream come true!

Susan and Lottie selfies from the air!

To see the KCRG video clip, go to:


Beth Enjoys Outdoor Dueling Piano Concert

Beth is a retired music teacher and joined our community just over a year ago. Beth enjoys playing piano and often practices on the piano in our front family room. When Misty, Life Enrichment Coordinator, came across the posting of a concert at Lowe Park in Marion, she invited Beth to join her.

Midwest Dueling Pianos held an outdoor concert on Saturday, July 15th at the Klopfenstein Amphitheater. It was 85 degrees with a nice breeze, a perfect night for a concert. Misty and Beth stopped by Subway for supper and then headed to Lowe Park and picked out a spot. Beth enjoyed singing along with the large crowd and had a great time.

Beth and Misty’s view of the Midwest Dueling Pianos outdoor concert at the Klopfenstein Amphitheater.

Beth and Misty’s view of the Midwest Dueling Pianos outdoor concert at the Klopfenstein Amphitheater.

Carol Joins Emery Place in Summer Parades!

Carol is a new resident at Emery Place is always on the go!  Carol enjoys bike riding and staying busy.  She participates in Live 2 B Healthy and attends all activities at Emery Place.  Carol is an “early bird” and greets Misty, Life Enrichment Coordinator, each morning. Misty mentioned getting ready for a parade and Carol expressed that she had never been “in” a parade. Carol always watched parades from the sidelines and missed out on the experience of tossing candy to excited children.

We knew we had to bring Carol on her first ever parade route! Carol joined us for the Center Point “Pork Days” parade. She tossed out candy along the entire parade route and made sure the adults watching the parade got a few pieces of candy too!  She wore a pink Emery Place shirt and represented Emery Place with a smile!

Carol had such a wonderful time that we invited her to join us for one more parade this summer!  She will receive an additional parade shirt matching the theme for each parade and will assist Misty, Life Enrichment Coordinator, and Sarah, Community Relations Coordinator, with passing out brochures and candy!  In Carols words. “Emery Place is like Heaven on Earth.”

Community Relations Coordinator, Sarah, (and granddaughter, Amaryllis), Life Enrichment Coordinator, Misty, and Carol pose for picture before the Center Point “Pork Days” Parade.

All decorated and ready for the Cedar Rapids “Freedom Festival” Parade! Pictured are Community Relations Coordinator, Sarah, Carol and Life Enrichment Coordinator, Misty.

Cubs Fans Don & Lorene See the World Series Trophy!

Don and Lorene made Emery Place their home in 2015. Upon their move in, they placed a Cubs rock at their door to let all of their new neighbors know that they are HUGE Cubs fans.Don has been following the Cubs since he was a young boy and Lorene helps keep track of the schedule so they never miss a televised game.

When the Cubs won the World Series, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Misty, made sure to find out when the trophy would be on display in Cedar Rapids. Misty and Sarah, Community Relations Coordinator,  surprised the couple with t-shirts and balloons the day before the trophy visit.

Misty worked closely with the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena to make sure Don and Lorene got the VIP treatment. Don and Lorene were escorted right to the front of long lines and had their picture taken with the beautiful trophy before the event opened!

Misty and Sarah helped Lorene send the pictures to all of her family via email.  It was a wonderful moment and we are so blessed to be a part of it.

Lorene and Don are surprised with Cubs balloons, t-shirts and the news that they will be going to see the Cubs World Series Trophy!

Lorene and Don stand beside the big trophy!

Emery Place D2D Warren_2

Robins Fire Chief Brian and Warren discuss “how it works!”

Warren Enjoys Fire Truck Ride

After finding out that Warren had been a fireman, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Misty, started planning for a day that he could ride in a fire truck again! The Robins Fire Department and Fire Chief, Brian Boots, were very courteous to make this dream come true.

So one Friday morning, Misty and Community Relations Coordinator, Sarah, took Warren for a surprise ride and ended up at the Robins Fire Department! After arriving, Brian and Captain, Neil, showed Warren several of the Robins Fire Trucks. Warren shared his knowledge of how the hoses and water discharge worked and what it was like “in his day” as a fireman. Then Warren had fun “turning on the siren” and riding around Robins!

When arriving back at Emery Place (with full sirens) Warren was treated to his favorite meal… BBQ ribs!

Emery Place D2D Warren _1

Robins Fire Chief Brian Boots, Misty, Warren and Captain Neil prepare to go for a ride around Robins in the fire truck.

Emery Place D2D Warren_3

Warren gives a “thumbs up” for his ride in the Robins Fire Truck!

Emery Place D2D Ardy_1

Ardy having a little fun trying on glitzy, paper sunglasses!

Jewelry Party for Ardy!

When Life Enrichment Coordinator, Misty, found out that Ardy loves jewelry we just had to have a party! Misty sent out invitations and decorated. Culinary Coordinator, Janene, made goodies to eat. Ardy, family, friends and residents enjoyed shopping for pretty necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets!

Everyone had a great time and requested to have another party late this fall! With all the sales of the afternoon, Ardy received several free pieces of jewelry of her own!

Emery Place D2D Ardy_2

Ardy checking out the pretty merchandise!


Emery Place D2D Ardy_3

Ardy (right) and great-granddaughter and daughter, Daveeta.

Emery Place Marlene D2D

Marlene (far right) and friends enjoying a day of Bridge and fellowship!

Marlene Enjoys Bridge Club

Marlene made Emery Place her home last fall and missed attending her monthly Bridge Club. Life Enrichment Coordinator, Misty, invited Marlene and her friends tohold their monthly Bridge Club at Emery Place.

Emery Place made cookies and drinks for the group. Marlene was excited to play Bridge with her longtime friends and they filled the library with smiles and laughter. It was great to see Marlene so happy.

Emery Place D2D Edna

Edna was brought to “happy” tears about receiving her Excellence in Nursing certificate.

Honoring Edna and Mary K. with Special Nurse’s Week Luncheon

Mary K. and Edna made Emery Place their home last spring. Both of these wonderful ladies were nurses and take great pride in that part of their lives.

Emery Place D2D Mary K.

Mary K. seems very pleased with her certificate of Excellence in Nursing.

Emery Place celebrated Nurse’s Week with an indoor picnic in the Gardens. Misty, Life Enrichment Coordinator, honored Mary K. and Edna with a certificate of Excellence in Nursing.

Following the picnic, everyone enjoyed a bus ride through Noelridge Park to view the gardens.




Don meets Kernels catcher, Nelson Molina, after Don threw out the first pitch.

Don meets Kernels catcher, Nelson Molina, after Don threw out the first pitch.

Emery Place Surprises Don with a Day at the Ballpark!

Don and Sarah, Community Relations Coordinator, have often talked about playing softball and enjoying the sport. Don pitched for several teams in California when he and Sherilyn lived there.

Don has been a longtime White Sox and Dodgers fan, so when Sarah received an email from the Kernels that Robins Day at the Ballpark would be June 26, she knew Don would love to go!

Misty, Life Enrichment Coordinator, and Sarah worked with Don’s family to arrange to have several family members surprise him at the game. Don was invited on the field to throw out the first pitch and to top it off, Kernels Marketing Manager, Ryne George, arranged to have their picture on the big screen in center field!

Emery Place Don D2D_2

Mr. Shucks stops by to say “hi!” to Don and family!

Emery Place Don D2D_1

Don throws the first pitch! (Check out the big screen in center field behind him!)

Beth, Marilyn and Willis watching Red Cedar Chamber Music performance at the Marion Library.

Beth, Marilyn and Willis watching Red Cedar Chamber Music performance at the Marion Library.

Marilyn Enjoys Music at the Marion Library

Marilyn is a wonderful lady. She loves interior design, music, art and reading! Marilyn brought to Misty’s attention that Red Cedar Chamber Music was performing at the Marion Public Library. So Misty Cottrell, Life Enrichment Coordinator, invited Marilyn and Emery Place friends to attend the performance.

During the performance, they also displayed Magic Lanterns. Magic Lanterns are hand painted glass slides preserved from hundreds of years ago. It was a beautiful performance and Marilyn was so excited to meet the group and chat with several individuals that she has volunteered with at the library.

Diane PixDiane’s Day at the Movies

Diane lived with us at Emery Place for eight months and recently went back to her home. Because she enjoyed activities and spending time with other Emery Place residents, Life Enrichment Coordinator, Misty Cottrell, invited her to an afternoon at the movies with Beth. They enjoyed the movie, “Miracles From Heaven.”

Mary, Darlene, Marilyn, Beth and Ardy.

Mary, Darlene, Marilyn, Beth and Ardy.

Friends Visit Darlene

What a surprise when Darlene received a visit from a few of her many friends from Emery Place! It was just what she needed to lift her spirits after a short recovery at a nearby rehabilitation facility. Everyone was excited to hear that she would be returning soon to Emery Place!

Charlie Pix

Charlie Spends Afternoon at Culver’s Greenhouse

Charlie loves to garden. So when Misty, Life Enrichment Coordinator saw that Culver’s Greenhouse was having an open house on April 22, she thought of Charlie!

After giving Charlie the full tour of the Culver’s greenhouses, the Culver’s manager donated 16 geraniums to Emery Place and Charlie picked the colors he thought would look beautiful around our community!

Friends at the party



Surprise 80th!

Gladys turned 80 recently and her daughter, Sheryl, threw her a surprise birthday party at Lowe Park in Marion. Emery Place passed out invitations to her friends and they were all very excited to help her celebrate. We kept the secret from Gladys for two weeks! Emery Place had Lori style her hair and give her a manicure, that she showed off to everyone, so she looked extra good for her party. She was very surprised to see many family members from out of state as well as her friends from Emery. We had a wonderful meal and had a great time visiting with one another. Everyone had fun celebrating!

Birthday Cake      Gladys showing her manicure


Nelda playing her grand piano.


In Nelda’s previous home, she was unable to have her baby grand piano with her because there was no room for it anywhere. She loves to play the piano and had not been able to enjoy it for many years. We rearranged the common area in the Gardens so that she could have her piano once again. She plays every day and she encourages residents and staff to sing along to the music. She truly loves to share her gift with everyone.


Charlie digging in the dirt and gently caring for his tomato plants.

Charlie had started growing his tomato plants before moving to Emery Place. When he  got here, he really missed gardening so we decided to till up some of the land here for him. He was then able to plant his tomatoes. He has taught our staff and other residents about growing tomatoes and he has been taking good care of them. They continue to grow and Charlie is very happy with his plants here.


Charlie’s tomatoes!


Mary looking over Robins as plane approaches Emery Place.

Mary is an 89 year old pilot that hadn’t flown in 30+ years but on July 29 she took to the skies like no time had passed. After taking off, she helped navigate to Robins and flew over Emery Place where all of the other residents were waiting outside to watch her and wave! Emery Place extends a huge “Thank You” to the Marion Airport: Jan, Sarah and Cole for helping us make Mary’s dream come true!


Sarah, Mary, Cole and Jan at the Marion Airport after the “ride!”

Sue, Les Etscheidt, Susan O’Connor and Nina share some memories of Mercy.

Sue, Les Etscheidt, Susan O’Connor and Nina share some memories of Mercy.

Nina & Sue

During a tour of Emery Place, Sue met Nina. Sue remembered Nina from Mercy Hospital where they both worked many years ago! After some conversation, both had been employed for 25 years! During employment, Nina had even received “Best Housekeeper of the Year” and proudly displays the picture and medal in her apartment.

Nina, Les Etscheidt, Susan O’Connor and Sue enjoy cake!

Nina, Les Etscheidt, Susan O’Connor and Sue enjoy cake!

Emery Place staff thought it would be awesome if both could be recognized again. Susan O’Connor, RSM, and Les Etscheidt with Mercy Hospital agreed to do the honors! (Les was just a “kid,” as Nina put it, when she worked with him!)

The two ladies were treated with a trip to the beauty shop, yellow rose corsages and cake. Susan and Les showered them with gifts from Mercy and kind words honoring them for their service to the Mercy Hospital organization.

Emery Place cook, Audra, helps display Sue and Nina’s cake

Emery Place cook, Audra, helps display Sue and Nina’s cake


Arriving at Riverside-webBetty goes to Riverside

Emery Place wanted to treat Betty to a day at the casino with her two daughters. Hannah drove the three of them in the bus down to Riverside Casino. Emery Place treated them all to the lunch buffet and gave Betty some gambling money. After lunch, Betty hit the slots! She sat at the same machine all afternoon and after Betty playing slots-webabout two hours, Betty left with $64! She had such a wonderful time and was smiling the whole ride home!

Big Win-web

The Big Win!

Ike and the new Buck Knife

Ike Gets a NEW Buck Knife.

“Ike” recently moved to Emery Place with his wife Dorothy. He takes great pride in his skill of wood working and the many homes he has built over the years. Ike and his son set up a wood working shop in his apartment. During his move he lost his “Buck Knife” and wanted to get a new one. Misty accompanied Ike on a shopping trip to find the Complete Projectperfect knife. Ike found exactly what he was looking for at Menards. Ike has made several bird houses for other residents to paint and display.