When my mother could no longer live alone in her condo and needed daily assistance, we wanted to find a place in which she could be comfortable, safe, and cared for. In other words, we wanted a place she could call home. First impressions are always important: visitors to Emery Place are greeted by beautiful décor, the bright dining facility, a lovely, inviting lounge, and welcoming gathering spaces for extended families. The most important factor in choosing a new home for Mom, however, was the staff. EVERY member of the team at Emery Place is empathetic, compassionate, and personally invested in the residents who live there. Mom has been at Emery Place since August, and members of our family visit daily. We know first-hand how the dining wait staff anticipates her meal choices because they pay attention to her favorites. We know that everyone on staff calls her by name and stops to engage her in conversation. On those occasions when she has had to summon help from the medical or managerial team, someone is there immediately to address her needs. I know it was difficult for Mom to accept the life changes brought about by her advancing age and a need for greater assistance in her daily routine, but I am forever thankful for Emery Place. I am forever thankful that she is well cared for by a staff who treats her like family. I am forever thankful for her new home. – the family of Jorita

My mother originally stayed at Emery Place for respite care after breaking her back. Kudos to the staff for being incredibly caring and helpful in her recovery and facilitating her move back home. A couple of years later my mother had a fall and suffered a brain bleed and a subsequent stroke. My family and I have such faith in Emery Place and the folks there are so nice; it was an easy transition back. Mom was happy to return as a permanent resident. They provide a clean, comfortable environment with plenty of activities, good food, exercise opportunities and personal service. They address all aspects of her well-being. We are very happy with Emery Place and would highly recommend them. – the family of Jorita

My mother has lived at Emery Place in Robins for going on 3 yrs. It is so comforting knowing that she is taken care of in such a wonderful way. She loves the activities and entertainment they have. The drives around town & parks, going out for lunches at different restaurants They have a “Dare to Dream” program that is awesome! My mom was gifted a hot air balloon ride, that was unbelievable. The staff is so great! She has made many wonderful friends at Emery Place. We’re so glad that we found this place for our mom! – the family of Lottie

My Grandmother recently moved to Emery Place and she is SO HAPPY. I haven’t heard her laugh or seen her as mobile as she has been since moving in. Her only wish is she wants to move to bigger room now! HaHa!! She loves the activities, says the staff is so nice and she gets to stay as busy as she likes. The place is so clean, smells fresh and from my visit I can tell she chose the right place. – the family of Jeanette

My Parents have been residing at Emery Place for a little over a year now. It is comforting to our family to know that they are not only cared for, but cared about. The Staff is very responsive to any concern we may have and very reassuring as we navigate the unknown related to Alzheimer’s. – the family of Max & Bonnie